The GoLive Difference

Better Probiotics

15 clinically-tested strains
Optimal strain ratio (Bifidos & Lactos)
Minimum 15 billion live cultures

Better Prebiotics

Food for probiotic growth & colonization
Quality sugars and soluble fibers
Vitamin D3 & L-Glutamine amino acid

Better Delivery

Unique delivery system
ensures probiotics
are consumed in a
dynamic and growing
state -> supporting
colonization of
good bacteria in
the GI tract

Probiotic & Prebiotic Functions


Manage regularity and bloating
Maintain Intestinal cell integrity
Support balanced intestinal pH


Convert carbs to short chain fatty acids
Produce a myriad of enzymes
Help process vitamins and minerals


Support gut-related immune function
Help eliminate and cleanse toxins
Promote healthy yeast balance

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