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#GoLiveBeYou | Natasha Groblewski

#GoLiveBeYou | Natasha Groblewski

Meet ambitious, inspirational Barre3 studio owner, Natasha Groblewski. Natasha knew after attending her first Barre3 class back in 2010 that she wanted her own studio. “I was immediately hooked,” she says, “I knew I wanted to bring the Barre3 experience to my hometown community.” She now runs two successful Barre3 studios in Massachusetts (Sudbury, MA and Bedford, MA), fostering a safe and welcoming environment for her clients to strengthen their minds and bodies.





What word inspires you? 

The word "light" inspires me (so much so, that it is tattooed on my wrist in Setswana). For me, life is about finding and focusing on the light. There's a lot of darkness in the world...we all go through difficult times. Still, no matter how tough things are, there is always a light. 

What is your FAVORITE GoLive flavor?

It's tough to choose. I love to recharge between classes with GoLive Dragonade or Blueberry-Lemonade.


What does “HEALTHY” mean to you?  

To me, healthy is about being balanced. I think that in order to find our happiest and healthiest selves, we need to find balance in our lives by exercising, eating clean, whole foods (most of the time) and connecting with others. It’s not just about our bodies’ - it’s also about our minds.


Written by Cassandra Bursma RDN, LDN. 

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