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#GoLiveBeYou | Natasha Whitby

#GoLiveBeYou | Natasha Whitby

Meet the fun, fierce and feisty Natasha Whitby of The Handle Bar Cycling Studios.  Natasha exudes self-confidence, loves pushing limits and strives for balance in all areas of life. Feeling most confident while working out (and on her bike), Natasha decided to focus her career around helping others feel the same.




What word inspires you? 


What does the healthy mean to you?  
“To me, healthy is about being mentally and physically healthy. In the past, I've done whatever I could to lose weight or diet. Now, I believe in moderation. I'm not going to starve myself to look thin. It's just not worth it. I teach a minimum of ten classes per week and it would be UNHEALTHY to detox and cut carbs, calories, etc. One thing I try my best to do is to have some sort of greens or vegetable with every meal...but, if I'm craving a burger, I'm going to have a burger.” 

What inspires you to get the most out of life? 
“I don't care what I'm ever actually doing as long as I'm with my friends, family and loved ones. Whether it's lazy Sundays or a Saturday night out, I want to get the most out of life by cherishing time with people I genuinely care about and who genuinely care about me.” 

What's a quote that you live by?  
“Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever the f**** you were gonna do anyway." 

What has been your biggest fitness/confidence/body image challenge and how did you overcome it?  
Growing up in a very homogeneous town, I never felt pretty or beautiful. I was afraid of being curvy or different. Now, I pride myself  in standing out and being different…why would I want to be typical? There wasn’t really any single ‘lightbulb moment’ that changed my way of thinking. It’s something that’s developed over time, through experience and with maturity. The older I get, the more confident I get.”  


Why did you decide to become a fitness instructor?  

I was in a negative place mentally. I realized that the most confident I ever felt was while working out and I wanted to make other people feel that way.”  


Do you have fitness goals for yourself? If so, what are they?  

I'd like to tone up and get stronger. I do so much cardio and find it difficult to balance that with weights. I'd also love to do yoga once per week. Sometimes I feel so tight that it actually makes day-to-day living uncomfortable.” 

What's your favorite way to treat yourself?  
“Eating and being lazy. Sundays are all about Chinese food and sitting on the couch. “ 

What is your favorite GoLive flavor? 
For packets, I love the Berry. For the ready-made drinks, Spa!” 


Written by Kristine Berube RDN, LDN. 




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